What are BCAAs?

BCAA is the acronym for Branched Chained Amino Acids. BCAA is a combination of three powerful amino acids namely Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Separately, these amino acids can function well and are useful, but combining them three is what makes BCAA unique and more effective. BCAA usually comes in the form of supplements. In fact it has become a trend for weight loss and gain over the past few years. It has also become a primary factor in body building and fitness. Ask any fitness guru and surely they know all about BCAA. They consider it one of their essentials.

  • They say it is useful in gaining weight. It is true in a way that this helps you lose fats and builds up your muscles. So the correct term should be. It helps you gain muscle weight. The whole point of body building is to build up your body. This could entail losing a few pounds here and there but mostly gaining muscles. Thus BCAA plays a significant role I both weight loss and gain, may it be fats or muscles.
  • It protects the muscles. Even fitness enthusiasts admit that dieting is really difficult, more so body building. When you try to shape up your body through simple workouts or extensive body building training, your muscles are subjected to extreme pressure and tension. Day by day, they enlarge themselves by reaching maximum flexibility. They are also hardened. This process usually causes tearing of the muscles or other muscle injuries. You might not feel it being damaged, makes you think it’s just a little sore. The effects of muscle injury may be seen immediately or it may be progressive and would only be noticed after a while, sometimes years. BCAA plays an important role to minimize these damages. It helps in making the rate of synthesis exceed the rate of breakdown to help you gain muscle. This at the same time protects the muscles by increasing your body’s metabolism and helps in breaking down nutrients into energy, giving your muscles a boost. This give not just extra energy to the muscles, but gives extra strength and endurance as well, thus injuries may be prevented or at least minimized.
  • Serotonin levels significantly increases during any physical activities, thus increasing the tendency of feeling tired and fatigued. This means lesser time for workout. BCAA however, competes with amino acid tryptophan in entering the brain. This amino acid is the one converted into serotonin ones it reaches the brain. So taking BCAA supplements prevents and delays this from reaching the brain, thus optimal work out is often experienced. This will give you just enough boost to do all your routine and do them properly too. Having higher endurance while training means that your body is getting stronger too. This could probably be very advantageous for you since your muscle build up also becomes longer and easier.
Remember, just like any other supplement, this is only effective if taken correctly or taken with strategy.